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"North Platte's Keith Blackledge: Lessons from a Community Journalist" chronicles the extraordinary newspaper career of North Platte Telegraph editor Keith Blackledge.

This book provides an inside look at the operation of a small town daily newspaper from the 1950s to well into the 20th Century. Readers are taken behind the scenes as North Platte struggled to establish the community college & the regional medical center; dealt with school bond controversies; attempted to save important landmarks—and more.

New information is presented about the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Nebraska Press Association v. Stuart from the standpoint of what was happening at the North Platte Telegraph before, during, and following the criminal trial proceedings of serial killer Erwin Charles Simants.  

Abundant samples are included from the editorials and columns of Keith Blackledge—a wordsmith who did not mince them. Photographs provided by the Blackledge family depict the editor’s life from his early years and throughout his life as a newspaperman and mentor to countless young journalists who were on his news staff.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to a Keith Blackledge scholarship for university journalism students in Nebraska. 

Newspapers are in financial trouble and are shutting down at a significant rate. Blackledge predicted reasons for their demise more than 20 years ago. No one was listening. 

Many of the messages found in Blackledge’s editorials and columns continue to be relevant today.